The Workshop

Are you considering having a baby over age 35? Whether it’s your first, second, or fifth child, this workshop is for you! In this dynamic three-hour tour of motherhood over 35, I will clarify statistics (spoiler alert: they are better than you think!), offer coping techniques to handle the stress of TTC, pregnancy, and mothering, and explore the emotional aspects of this journey. Registration is $45 and includes a copy of Beyond the Egg Timer: A Companion Guide for Having Babies In Your Mid-Thirties and Older. 

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The workshop is being offered at The Womb Room in Hampden (Baltimore)  on Saturday, October 13, 2018 from 12pm-3pm.

Sharon Praissman Fisher is a dually board-certified medical and psychiatric Nurse Practitioner with 17 years of experience, a Buddhist Meditation Teacher, and a mom. She is the founder of Nurtured Well, LLC in Towson Md. You can learn more about her here:


Photo by William Farlow on Unsplash

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