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Motherhood In It’s Own Time

Sometimes you become a parent in your time and on your terms. More commonly, the universe has its own plans.

Hard for the Holidays

Coping with the holidays while struggling to conceive is anything less than jolly. Read on for support and advice.

When You Are The Lucky One

How to support those still TTC after you become pregnant.

Birth Was My Triathlon

Have you noticed its becoming a triathlon crazy world?  I can’t go on Facebook anymore without seeing pics of friends training, posting near impossible run times, or posing in sleek suits made just for the occasion.  There is even a book out exploring this…

An Open Letter to Those Trying To Conceive

I can see you.  You are the beautifully dressed executive that came to my house and played with my kids after you spent a long day at work.  You are the Auntie that always knows the coolest toys. You are the friend that cried…

My Personal Penguin

My daughter is in love with a penguin. It’s small and plastic and she lights up when she sees him. If she’s fussy, “pengi” can calm her down. Once we found out that Sandra Boynton wrote a book called My Personal Penguin, we added…

Hopeful Expectations

Couples in their mid-thirties and older trying to conceive are often anxious to get results. Couples that want more than one child can go into super overdrive. This excitement about starting a family, coupled with the all of the dire statistics about declining fertility, can…