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Stop Trying To Relax While TTC (or The Power of Dishes)

Welcome back!  I feel like I could give a lengthy apology for how 2 weeks morphed into almost 8 weeks but that would just be more stalling.   Please know that I really do care about you dear reader, sometimes I just overestimate what I…

The Inexplicable

We are back to blogging!!!  I am so sorry for the hiatus, I opened a practice (just for women!) and Emma moved, etc, etc, etc.   We are here now and committed to bimonthly posts!   Both Emma and I agree our favorite part of writing…

Hard for the Holidays

Coping with the holidays while struggling to conceive is anything less than jolly. Read on for support and advice.

The Not So Anxious Life

Simple ways to reduce worry.

When You Are The Lucky One

How to support those still TTC after you become pregnant.

Top 5 Calming Techniques While TTC

Infertility is often a silent struggle.  Unlike cancer or a broken leg, no one automatically knows you are going through it.  This means that you are often juggling multiple medical appointments, complicated emotions, and all the normal hectic life stuff.  No one cuts you…

#Flip The Script: Beyond Waiting

This year’s National Infertility Awareness Campaign theme is “#Flip the Script”.  This can mean so many different things.  It’s interpretation is as unique as the story of each woman that struggles to conceive.  One thing that I always grizzel at is the concept that…

10,000 Mommies

Mother’s Day can be particularly hard for women trying to conceive.  It’s an all-out brunch buffet of what you don’t have but desperately want.  The dichotomous American culture, makes it especially hard on childless women.  Unlike other communities that value women regardless of their…