An Open Letter to Those Trying To Conceive

I can see you.  You are the beautifully dressed executive that came to my house and played with my kids after you spent a long day at work.  You are the Auntie that always knows the coolest toys. You are the friend that cried with me through each failed attempt at pregnancy.  You are the one who rejoiced once I conceived. You have always been there, supporting each friend, sister, co-worker through achieving their dream of a family. You stayed late at work to get the job done because you knew your colleague was stressing about daycare pick up. You have patiently waited your turn. You gave.  I can see that.

You did not wait to have a baby.  You waited for the right partner (or may still be).   You bid your time well.  You went to graduate school; you took the promotion.  You are not career obsessed.  You simply weren’t going to sit on your hands until the universe conspired to bring the right man into your life.

I can see how much you give to the world.  I can see all the volunteer work you do.  I can see how you show up at every event, willing to celebrate other’s milestones as you await your own. I see you visiting your friend after she had a baby or taking your niece out on a special “date” to give mommy a break. I see you caring for your parents because your siblings are busy with their own kids.  I can see you.  You are important.  You give.  You nurture.  You matter. I can only pray that you too will be blessed with a baby.  That all that love you give out will be returned to you.  Hold tight, have faith and know that you are seen.


Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

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